Changing lives one meal at a time.

…My name is Wenona and I'm nine years old.  Today we had a beef and cheese sandwich, carrots and a banana. We also got blueberries to take home, which are very nutritious. I really like the food! I also like being here with my friends. It's very fun.  I think a lot of kids here are happy to get this food, because they aren't getting fed at home. I know it helps my family a lot. My mom has gone without so many times because she feels like my sister and I are not getting enough to eat. It makes me feel very bad that my parents struggle so much…Feeding America

In 1989, in Savannah Georgia, two young brothers were discovered late one night in the kitchen of their housing project's community center.  The older of the two had broken in to feed his brother and himself.  In response to this glaring example of childhood hunger, the idea for kids cafe' was born.  We launched our Bread of the Mighty Food Bank's Kids Cafe'in  October of 2007 with 4 locations serving snacks.  Today we have several programs and over 40 community partners.  Over 1 million meals and snacks have been served since 2007!